Farm Tables

All of our farm tables are built from authentic reclaimed wood. We build tables with wood we have salvaged from old barns, historical houses, and old chicken houses. Most of our wood is over 100 years old and mill sawn or "circle sawn".  The old growth trees that were cut down at the turn of the century were milled with huge circular saw blades, rather than how wood is milled these days with a bandsaw blade, creating the incredible rounded etchings that you see in the wood. We always gather as much historical information about where the wood came from so that we can pass on the history of our wood to our customers.

Every piece of wood that we use has it's own unique character and every table that we build is a "one-off" table that is truly one-of-a-kind. Our tables are conversation pieces that stand out above the typical mass produced tables you find in big box retailers. Here are some of the farm house style tables that we have built. We hope you like them!

Custom Farm Tablereclaimed-wood-atlanta-georgia-athens-trestle-base-farm-table001reclaimed-wood-atlanta-georgia-athens-trestle-base-farm-table001
reclaimed-wood-atlanta-georgia-athens-farm-table-acworth-train-depot-1reclaimed-wood-atlanta-georgia-athens-farm-table-acworth-train-depot-1Trestle Base Farm Table
reclaimed-wood-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-no-stretcher-3reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-1-2reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-1reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-2reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-2reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-1reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-2reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-3reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-4reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-1reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-2reclaimed-wood-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-vanity-1reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-2reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-2reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-3reclaimed-wood-farm-table-rustic-sons-of-sawdust-wood-working-Athens-Georgia-farm-table-4reclaimed-wood-furniture-farm-table-sons-of-sawdust--23reclaimed-wood-furniture-farm-table-sons-of-sawdust--24reclaimed-wood-furniture-farm-table-sons-of-sawdust--17 reclaimed-wood-furniture-farm-table-sons-of-sawdust--11

25 thoughts on “Farm Tables

  1. Hi table craftsmen,

    Sue and I are interested in a large dining room table. Probably 9 or 10 foot long with a trestle base made from reclaimed wood. Is this something you can make? We were thinking either 39″ or possibly 42″ wide. If this is something that can be done, could we get an estimate?


    Neal Ford
    Thomasville, GA
    (Megan’s Dad)

  2. Hi, I wanted to see what your price it would be for a large table. Around 84-100inc. long. I would need 1 bench. Thanks so much. Your tables are beautiful. I am from Athens. Do you have tables made I could look at?

  3. Do you ship to Texas? I love the dining table you delivered two days ago. It’s the one on Instagram that has the white shelves in the background of the room with wood flooring. What is the cost in that table?
    Thank you!

  4. Do you ship to Texas? I love the dining table you delivered two days ago. It’s the one on Instagram that has the white shelves in the background of the room with wood flooring. What is the cost on that table?
    Thank you!

  5. Hello from Atlanta GA,
    My wife would like to have a rustic reclaimed Farm table made for her newly decorated country kitchen. Due to our small dining area size we’re looking for 50 inches long and just wide enough to be functional. Your pic of the table with white on top of some of the boards looked cool but understand each batch will differ in cosmetics. What what are we looking at for price and time frame to complete?

  6. Looking for a farmhouse table, about 60″ L X 32″ W….love the gray/washed look… in New York. Estimate????????

  7. We are looking for a 60 in farm table, lighter wood but a thick piece of wood. Can you send me a quote on what your tables usually run? Thanks


  8. Hi there,

    I’m interested in purchasing one of your beautiful farm tables. Could someone please get back to me with prices and specs?


  9. Love your work! Have you ever done a farm table with a metal base? We recently came across a “crank table” and my daughter fell in love with it. She is expanding her coffee shop in downtown Marietta and is interested in an 8 ft table with a metal base–industrial looking. Or, something like a crank table that could be used at reg. seating height as well as bar height when needed. The building is adjacent to the old Marietta depot and is over 100 yrs old. What are your thoughts?

  10. Guys, this stuff is awesome. I love the style. So simple, yet so much character. Do you ever build beds? If it’s something you’re willing to do I’m definitely looking for a quote. I’m also on the market for a nice bulky coffee table. Thoughts?

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