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“I think that Pa would be proud,” says Matt Hobbs. “I know that he would be in our workshop everyday with us, and he’d be building right alongside us, guiding us along the way.” Click Here to read the full article on Sons of Sawdust.

Sons of Sawdust featured on Carhartt Website

Earlier this year, Carhartt went down to Georgia to pay Sons of Sawdust a visit. It was here at their workshop in Athens where brothers Matt and Ben Hobbs shared their craft of working with reclaimed wood and the story of how Sons of Sawdust came to be. Building on a passion the brothers say...

Sons of Sawdust Atlanta Journal Constitution

Atlanta Journal Constitution

In a nondescript, tin-clad barn outside Athens, the Sons of Sawdust sat in their office, mulling the possibility of “terminal length” — the point at which a beard ceases to grow longer. Matt Hobbs’ and Ben Hobbs’ facial hair is an integral part of their brand, and their beards have stunted somewhere between Kenny Rogers...