Sons of Sawdust Trestle Farm Tablereclaimed-wood-trestle-farm-table-sons-of-sawdust-005reclaimed-wood-trestle-farm-table-sons-of-sawdust-005reclaimed-wood-trestle-farm-table-sons-of-sawdust-005reclaimed-wood-trestle-farm-table-sons-of-sawdust-005Sons of Sawdust Trestle Farm TableSons of Sawdust Trestle Farm Tablereclaimed-wood-trestle-farm-table-sons-of-sawdust

Reclaimed Wood Trestle Table

Our trestle tables are made from beautiful, historic, reclaimed wood. The unique beauty and character of our salvaged wood tables is easy to see. Due to the aging process of our wood, which has been out in the elements for a hundred years, no two tables ever look exactly the same. This means that when you get a Sons of Sawdust table, you are getting a one-of-a-kind table. Our trestle table is sure to be a conversation piece at your next gathering of friends or family. Please let us know how big you would like your table to be and we’ll custom build it to your exact specifications.

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