Reclaimed Wood Farm Table and Bench

When we started this business part of our struggle was finding old wood. We used to spend days hunting and searching for old barns and buildings that looked like they needed saving. Nowadays we feel blessed that the wood seems to just come to us. Whenever someone contacts us about an old building they have, we see it as a gift. Our most recent deconstruction was right down the road from our workshop, an old house built back in 1904.

This is the first table top we've built with that reclaimed wood. The beautiful patina created by a hundred years of weathering and seasonal changes makes this piece incredibly unique. The base of the table was crafted from the roof rafters that came out of an 1870's train depot in Acworth, GA. The bench was built using wood that we salvaged from an early 1900's cotton mill warehouse in Greensboro, GA which later became the Chero-Cola bottling company building. This ensemble is like a beautiful tapestry of history. If wood could talk, these pieces would be telling some amazing stories about survival and life in the south.


2 thoughts on “Reclaimed Wood Farm Table and Bench

  1. Incredible work on the piece, especially the finishing. Looks so damn good that I can’t stop staring, I gotta find myself a similar antique table and bench and do the same thing! Thanks for sharing this.

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