Reclaimed Wood X Base Table

Every now and then we get the opportunity to work on a extremely special project like this table. The wood used to build this table came from our clients late grandfathers barn. We especially love projects like this because it reminds us of our Pa and his legacy that we carry on in our work. This wood had metal strips embedded in it when it arrived at our workshop and we took special care to keep the metal in the finished product. Now this family will have a table that they can one day pass down to their grandchildren. We can only imagine the wonderful conversations that will be happening around the table during this holiday season.

sons-of-sawdust-reclaimed-wood-x-base-table-athens-georgia-1 sons-of-sawdust-reclaimed-wood-x-base-table-athens-georgia-1 sons-of-sawdust-reclaimed-wood-x-base-table-athens-georgia-1sons-of-sawdust-reclaimed-wood-x-base-table-athens-georgia-1This is a before-and-after photo of the wood.

4 thoughts on “Reclaimed Wood X Base Table

  1. Do you plain the boards for the table top to get a smooth even finish or do they have the character of curved warped uneven boards? And if you do plain them do they lose a lot of the Aged pantra?

    • Eric,
      We do not plane the tops of the boards but we do plane bottoms to get the boards all to the same thickness. Planing the tops of the boards would definitely remove the patina. We try to pick the straitest boards possible and stay away from boards that are warped or twisted.

    • Thanks! This table has no stain on it, just an oil based varnish. The beautiful color of the wood is what we call patina. It’s what happens during the weathering of the wood over the course of 100 years in the elements.

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