Shayna Hobbs

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Shayna is a co-founder and the creative director for Sons of Sawdust. She's married to Matt and is a close sister-in-law to Ben. She's the visionary of the group and the research queen. She's the in house photographer, stylist, and the mama hen of the group. Her greatest claim to fame though, is the Sons of Sawdust dance video. 

Follow her on Instagram at @shayna.hobbs

3 thoughts on “Shayna Hobbs

  1. shayna!! you are adorable!!! saw your mom in publix and we had to catch up! she showed me your precious children’s pictures! gosh, i just cannot believe you are 34 and super wife and mom! i can believe the super wife and mom part, just not the 34 part!!! love seeing what you and matt are doing so well! grateful you are happy and thriving! congratulations! my girls still talk about you!! love from the jonese! kathy

  2. Shayna, it was a pleasure meeting and getting to know you a bit during my stop in the store yesterday. How impressive it all is: the S.O.S. story, the retail store, the collective efforts of each team/family member, and, of course, the pieces themselves. Thank you for your time and tour yesterday. You will be hearing from us soon!

  3. oh friend. I wish I could accept your challenge to a dance off this weekend. I really need to shake my donkey!!! love you!

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