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Today we were featured on a popular design blog called Design Sponge. We have been reading the Design Sponge blog for many years and feel very honored that they wanted to highlight the Sons of Sawdust ™ story. Here is a part of the post, to read the full post Click Here.

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I love success stories of businesses that started as a humble idea — birthed from a very raw and real place — that unexpectedly catches on and suddenly becomes an in-demand product. Sons of Sawdust ™ was started by two brothers, Ben and Matt, who overcame separate life struggles by putting their heads together and creating with their hands, a deeply-rooted natural inclination they received from their late grandfather, Cecil Hall. Growing up in southern Georgia, they spent many of their days at Cecil’s work bench, watching him work wood like butter. So when Ben got injured and was in search of new work, he and his brother Matt, who was unsatisfied with his 9-5 job, turned to wood-working and selling their pieces on Craigslist. What started as a hobby has turned into a thriving business and shop located in the heart of Athens, GA (a gorgeous place we recently featured in a City Guide, which shouted out to Sons of Sawdust ™).

Ever the treasure-hunters, Matt and Ben go above and beyond to craft their handmade pieces, sourcing and hand-selecting historic and antique wood from across Georgia. Each piece carries a story with it, from its historic past to its new life, where the first cut etched on each piece is made using an old saw that belonged to their Pa, carrying on his spirit and legacy. Not only do the imperfections in Matt and Ben’s products make them beautiful, but so does the imperfect nature and integrity of their story, one which would surely make Pa proud. Today, Matt is joining us to share more about their past, present, and future. –Sabrina



Click Here to read the full story.

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