"Most of our wood comes from houses or barns that were built in the 1800s. We always try to aim for stuff that's at least older than 100 years. We also try to keep it local. Reclaiming wood right here in town makes it even more special. It’s like, this wood was from a tree that was probably 100 years old when it was cut down right here in Athens, GA, and it was part of a house where a family lived for 70 years and then it got torn down, and then we went and got it and turned it into something that's going to go into another house for maybe another 70 years and just kind of keep it alive,” says Matt.

Each piece of wood that Sons of Sawdust uses has a unique history of its own, as do the People they get it from. In their hunt for old houses and barns they often get to experience the rich family histories of their community. They encountered one man who sold them the wood from an old, rundown chicken shack on his property. After getting to know him. Matt and Ben learned that the chicken shack had been built with the wood from a schoolhouse built in the 1890s, of which the property owner's grandfather was the founder. In their hunt for good wood, the Hobbs brothers have found many great family stories like this, and by recrafting the wood they find into tables, they are able to connect with those families and continue to tell their story for several more years.

The rough textures and age-worn shapes of the old boards are what Matt and Ben value most about their tables, and they're what best tell the story of the wood it came from. "Part of our vision and our aesthetic is the character and imperfections of the wood, and letting it speak for itself as opposed to just completely wiping it clean,” says Ben.

It's this raw quality of their tables that draws new customers to Sons of Sawdust each month. In the few years they've been in business, Matt and Ben have expanded their clientele from a small group of friends and family to customers from all around the country and even Canada who share the Hobbs' affinity for well-crafted furniture that has significance beyond its functionality. “The customers that find us are the ones who just love and appreciate old wood. Those are the people that are always going to be happy because they love the story, and they love where the wood came from” says Matt.

Matt and Ben’s own story is as good as the ones they tell through each table they make: two brothers treasure-hunting for old wood to make tables with their grandfather’s tools. It’s a simple story, and they intend to keep it that way. Because, like the wood they use, good stories just get better with age.

Reclaimed Wood Table Styles

Sons of Sawdust specializes in hand crafted, reclaimed wood, farm tables. We offer three distinctive styles, in three different sizes.

Classic Farm Table


Trestle Table


X-Base Table


Round Table

Custom Tables and Furniture


Broad Stone Ridge Atlanta - Reclaimed Wood Chevron Pattern Barn Door Sons of Sawdust