Historic Reclaimed Wood from 1890’s French Starr Piano Building Downtown Nashville

Sons of Sawdust

Once in a lifetime chance to acquire historic wood from downtown Nashville.

2.5” thick 13 to 14” wide and 14’ to 18’ long.

Prices by the BOARD FOOT. The longer boards are 50 board feet per board and they go for ~ $750 each.

Here’s the history of this wood:

The historic Starr Piano Building (also called the French-Starr Piano Building) on 5th Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee, was built in 1889, initially as a retail outlet for Jesse French and Sons Piano & Organ Company. French later merged with the Starr Piano Company, which manufactured pianos and published sheet music, with particular emphasis on ragtime, making it an early contributor to the establishment of Nashville as Music City.

Below is an excerpt from the survey.
"The Jesse French Piano & Organ Company Building was erected in ca. 1889-90. It is a four-story commercial brick construction, built broadly in a Queen Anne style, and has an elaborate sheet metal façade that is one the most ornate in downtown Nashville.”

The Jesse French Piano and Organ Co building was located in the heart of Nashville’s downtown area on the street frequented by middle- and upper-class women. The structure’s scale, the attention to design detail both on its interior and exterior, and the fact that it was built with elevators in place all express the firm’s expansion and confidence at the time of construction."

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