Purple Heart Lake Wood (Sustainably Harvested Exotic)

Sons of Sawdust

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Welcome to our marketplace of sustainably harvested exotic wood from Suriname, South America! We pride ourselves on offering high-quality and eco-friendly wood that is sustainably sourced from the A lake that was created to power a hydroelectric dam for the local community.

We have a wide range of exotic wood varieties available, including Purple Heart, Angelim Pedra, and marble wood. These woods are known for their beautiful colors, unique grain patterns, and excellent durability.

Purple Heart wood is a deep purple color that can range from light to dark shades. It is known for its strength, density, and resistance to decay and rot. Angelim pedra wood has a warm, honey-colored hue and is prized for its durability and resistance to pests and decay. Marble wood is a creamy color with dark brown streaks, and is known for its strength and resistance to wear.

All of our wood is sustainably harvested and legally sourced from the under water forests of Suriname. We work with the local communities to ensure that our wood is harvested in a way that is environmentally responsible and socially equitable.

Whether you're a woodworker, craftsman, or just someone who loves the beauty of exotic wood, we have something for you. Browse our selection today and find the perfect piece of sustainably harvested wood for your next project.

Purple Heart - $16 per sq ft
Angelim Pedra - $16 per sq ft
Marble Wood - $32 per sq ft


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