Bench | The Cargo Bench

Sons of Sawdust

The Cargo Bench is made from beautiful reclaimed cargo flooring. Whether traveling by train or highway, after the cargo containers have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, they are decommissioned.  At this point the floors are salvaged and we build furniture from the reclaimed wood! This wood has the patina and scars that tell an amazing story of how hard this wood has worked to support the American people by delivering their goods and needs! We could not stand to see this amazing wood be tossed into the landfill. 

Benches are a very flexible seating option as you can "squeeze" more people onto a bench, where with chairs you are limited in the amount of space you have for seating. Benches are also a more affordable option .vs buying individual chairs. Our benches are great for outdoor use as well! (As long as they are not in direct weather). (Production Time is 10 - 12 weeks.)

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