Specialty and Reclaimed Wood

Sons of Sawdust supply in Nashville TN is here for the builders. We supply Nashville and the surrounding areas with the best reclaimed wood for all their woodworking projects. What's stopping you from dropping by to pick up all your specialty wood for your next home project, whether it's a farm table build, or custom shelving, we've got you covered. We can give you the distinct history behind every piece of wood we've got. Woodworking projects just aren't the same unless the wood has history to it. Don't go to Home Depot or Lowe's and pick up the cheapest wood you can find. Impress your guests with the best reclaimed wood in the Midwest at Sons of Sawdust Supply. 
Sons of Sawdust Supply Nashville, TN

Top 10 Ideas for Reclaimed Wood Projects You Can do at Home

1. Floating Wood Shelves

Pipe and wood shelves are a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up your home. You can add them to your office, living room, bedrooms, and really anywhere they fit. You can even take off some of your upper kitchen cabinets and replace it with open shelving. It's a great way to renovate your kitchen without breaking the bank with a full kitchen remodel. Sons of Sawdust Supply has all the best wood for your next custom wood shelving project. 

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

2. Custom Built Farm Table

Farm tables are extremely popular and anyone can find a good tutorial on YouTube for various farm table builds. Sons of Sawdust Supply in Nashville, TN has a myriad of reclaimed wood to choose from for your dream farm table build. Come in and browse around and talk to one of our specialists to find out the best wood to go with for your dream design farm table. Adding a farm table to you dining room or kitchen will look absolutely stunning. 

Custom Built Farm Table

3. Chevron Wooden Wall Art

Chevron wooden wall art is a great addition to your living room wall. It can compliment most designs and adds a touch of vintage to your home. Drop on by the shop to find the best reclaimed specialty woods for your chevron wooden wall art to build at home. 

Reclaimed Chevron Wood Wall Art

4. Bedroom Headboard

You can build an amazing custom headboard on your own that will upgrade your bedroom and the design of your house. Many people neglect their headboard, but a headboard built from reclaimed wood will have an amazing effect on the aesthetic of your home. 

Reclaimed Wood Headboard

5. Custom Coffee Table

Build your own coffee table with reclaimed, specialty wood from Sons of Sawdust Supply in Nashville, TN and a little help from the many YouTube videos providing you with step by step instructions for your dream coffee table build. A centerpiece of your home, building a coffee table is a great way to save some money and upgrade the feel of your living room. 

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

6. Wooden Mirror Frames

Build your own frame for your mirrors in your home. Building your own frame is a pretty simple project and you don't have to spend $300 on a mirror either. If you have a large mirror in your bedroom you can really upgrade it with a wooden frame from reclaimed wood. Bathroom mirrors with wooden frames are a great addition as well. 

Reclaimed Wood Framed Mirror

7. Accent Wood Wall

Having an accent wall is great, but an accent wall filled with reclaimed wood is even better. You may think wooden walls are going out of style, however, it's all in the design. There are plenty of designs you can do with reclaimed wood to make your home more stylish. 

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

8. Reclaimed Beam Mantle

Sons of Sawdust Supply in Nashville, TN has some of the best selections for mantles for your dream home. Drop on in and explore the many beams we have for the best mantles in the Midwest. 

Reclaimed Wood Beam Mantle

9. Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray

Adding little accents to your home like a reclaimed wood serving tray is a great way to upgrade your home aesthetic. You can decorate it with candles, magazines, books, etc. and set it on your coffee table, kitchen island, or dining room table. One of the easier woodworking projects to complete, a reclaimed wood serving tray is needed in every Midwest home. 

Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray

10. Reclaimed Wood Framed Chalkboard

A great addition to your kitchen to write down chores, recipes, dinner menus, and other things, building your own reclaimed wood framed Chalkboard is a great idea. All you need is some specialty wood from Sons of Sawdust Supply in Nashville, TN and some chalkboard paint and you'll have the chalkboard of your dreams for your family to enjoy.

Reclaimed Wood Framed Chalkboard